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Exhibitions and Achievements
May 1977:
Sala de Lectura de la Plaza Bolivar-Caracas
June 1977:
Galeria Giovannie Marchini-Casa de la Cultura San Juan de los
September 1977:
Biblioteca Andrea Eloy Blanco, Rio Chico , Estado Miranda
February 1978:
QuintaVAAUW Exhibicion de Arte CentroVenezo lano Americano
May 1978:
Union Israelita deVenexuela Centro Social, San Bernardino,
September 1978:
Galeria BoylanYMCA Central, San Bernardino, Caracas
October 1978:
Salon de Arte CANTV Gran Colectiva de Octubre, Caracas
October 1978:
Union Israelita deVenezuela - Primer Festival Ja sidico
May 1979:
Colegio de Licenciados, Caracas
November 1979:
EFOFAC, Instituto Militar Universitario, Caracas
March 1979:
Sears Galeria de Arte
March 1980:
Sears Galeria de Arte
May 1980:
QuintaVAAUW, Exhibicion de Arte CentroVenezolano Americano
July 1980:
Ministerio de Educacion, Caracas
Permanent exhibition at the BellaVista Gallery, San Bernardino,
Part of the art staff for the ForestTrails year book.
Illustrated Haggada (story book of the Exodus from Egypt)
for children
Member of the Art Students League
Annual school exhibitions at the Art Students League
March 1992:
Part of a two-woman exhibition for the National Women’s History
Month in Jamaica
Annual greeting cards for the NewYear for a commodity company
Annual exhibitions atThe Institute Hampstead Garden Suburb
Member of the Campden Hill Club of London
Annual exhibitions with the Campden Hill Club
June 2003
Auction for benefit of BetYosef School Fundraising Dinner
Painted portraits of the board members of FUIB (First Ukrainian
International Bank), amongst themYefim Zvyagilsky, former prime
minister of the Ukraine
Greeting cards for theTaj Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, India
Various postcards for the Bloomsbury Collectors Fair, sponsored by
Memories Picture Library, Framing and Postcards
Four page article in the 28/10/04 issue of the Mishpacha magazine
Currently in the Binyamin Gallery, # 30 King George Street,
Aug/Sept 2009:
“Footprints in the Stone” exhibition in the Rebecca Crown Gallery
of the JerusalemTheatre.
August 21, 2009:
Haaretz Guide
August 21, 2009:
Jerusalem Post Events section
27 August 2009:
“An Eye for Detail” write up in the Jeusalem Post by Ruth Beloff
October 2009:
Luvaton Gallery, David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem,
October 2010:
Marrache Fine Art Gallery, Jerusalem
July 2011:
Group exhibition at Bet Gabriel, “Israeli Summer”,
August 2011:
“Sand and Stone” - solo exhibition, Bet Gabriel, Israel